Motor bed


Mootorvoodi komplekt Mootorvoodi luksuse ja mugavuse austajatele. Voodi jalutsi- ja peatsiosa on ülestõstetavad puldi abil. Võimaldab voodis väga mugavas asendis lugeda ja puhata. Tõstes jalad südamest kõrgemale, ennetate te veenilaiendite teket ja lasete öösel jalgadel puhata. Mootorvoodi koosneb: 2 mootoriga liigutatavat raami bonnell vedrusüsteemiga (voodijalad kuuluvad komplekti) 2 bonnell vedrumadratsit 1 kattemadrats 1 voodipeats 180 cm lai   Ergonomic motor bed model is designed to provide you comfort and help you relax. A base with a motor mechanism which allows you to choose among various positions for head and feet. You can easily adjust the bed to the position which is most comfortable for you under the specific circumstances. A mattress with a core of individually packed coil springs of a pocket springs system which can move independently of one another. Each coil spring is wrapped in its own textile pocket which insures that there will be no creaking or other sounds caused by movement. The independence of the coil springs from one another helps your body and spine to take a natural position during sleep and rest. Top mattress is made of high-quality elastic materials which provides softness and additional comfort. This product enhances the ergonomic properties of the mattress creating the best possible conditions for rest. A headboard with an elegant design complementing the stylish look of the whole system for sleep and rest. The headboard functions as a double protector: it protects you and the wall behind the bed. It is fixed to the bed with a rail assembly.  

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