Over the last decade, TOOM Tekstiil has specialized in the production of Viscose Fiber based needle-punched duster & floor wash fabrics, supplied to countries of the EU and S.I.S. (Commonwealth of Independent States/former Soviet Union region), mostly supplied in roll form.

We manufacture duster & floor wash fabric qualities, both to professional use and private household cleaning purposes.

Professional cleaning fabric qualities are expected to be more resistant to intensive use, more durable, and to stand a wide range of cleaning chemicals while lasting through a substantial number of machine washes (up to 95º C)  & dryings.

Household clean qualities should be gentle to the surface being cleaned and efficient in the cleaning process (absorb enough liquid, etc.).

Weight range of products is from 90 up to 250-270 g/sq. m, or higher. Most common weight categories, generally requested:
  •   90 g/sq. m duster fabric, up to 1.8 m wide;
  • 110 g/sq. m duster fabric, up to 1.8 m wide;
  • 140 g/sq. m duster fabric, up to 1.8 m wide;
  • 160 g/sq. m floor wash fabric, up to 1.8 m wide;
  • 180 g/sq. m duster fabric, up to 1.8 m wide, or higher on request.
  The colours we offer come in blue, yellow, pink, orange, green and white upon customer request. Please, note that Toom Tekstiil does not keep any regular inventory and produces on a per-order contract bases only. In 2005 TOOM TEKSTIIL has began converting roll good dusters and floor wash fabrics into sheets. We shall provide in bulk in cut & fold form:
  • Dusters in 38 x 38 cm size, ¼ folded, in cartons or baled into poly-bags;
  • Floor wash sheets in 50 x 60 cm size, ¼ folded, bulk packed in carton or into  poly-bag.

We are capable of manufacturing dusters and floor wash fabrics with permanent antibacterial performance. Our cleaning products can be machine washed up to 95° C and  & dried.

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