Filtri materjal


Manufacturing history of needlepunched air filtration fabric’s started from the mid 1970-s. Industrial filtration fabrics vary: we offer products for primary or rough filtration of solid particles from air, industrial gases & liquids:
  • F 350 K -reinforced with woven scrim and non-reinforced F 350,
PES filtration fabric, 350 g/sq. m, 1.5 m width;
  • F 450 K -reinforced with woven scrim and non-reinforced F 450,
PES filtration fabric, 450 g/sq. m, 1.5 m width;
  • F 550 K -reinforced with woven scrim and non-reinforced F 550,
PES filtration fabric, 550 g/sq. m, 1.5 m width; G4 class is achieved, and aforementioned products have permanent antistatic performance versions as well. In some cases F 350-F 550 qualities can be used with the filtration process without a cleaning stage at all. In such a case, usage time of the fabric remains to be rather short. Main customers are from the timber and furniture industry, as well as the metallurgic and natural gas industries TOOM TEKSTIIL Ltd. brings to the market in 2005 a new generation filtration fabric range, made of fine PES Fiber Blend, reinforced with PES filament scrim of fixed structure; Products:
  • Toom Kurn® F 400 K –reinforced, and scrimless F 400, 100% PES fabric,
400 g/sq. m;
  • Toom Kurn® F 500 K –reinforced, and scrimless F 500, 100% PES fabric,
500 g/sq. m; Fabrics have an equal mechanical strength in MD & CD, they are designed to stand the most common industrial shaking & pulsive cleaning methods, and can be easily sewn into filtration elements. Aforementioned products have permanent antistatic, water & oil repellent performance versions as well. In 2005 TOOM TEKSTIIL will begin an Aramid Fabric Project with Du Pont. In Toom Tekstiil Ltd. there is a filter element-sewing unit, equipped with special sewing machinery (incl. multi-thread sewing and seam welding machines, etc.). We manufacture some 25-30,000 pieces on a per-order contract basis for filter sleeves and bags (incl. multi-pocked cassettes), whether from our own fabrics or from customer supplied ones. We are familiar with PES; PP; PAN; PAI filtration fabrics, with different surface finishes (impregnated; metal or membrane coated, etc.).

We sew sleeves & bags according to technical descriptions and drawings provided by the customer while providing our own metal fastening elements: snap ring or metal wire ring.

Almost 10 years there have been successful co-operation with W.L. Gore & Associates Finnish Branch, now Industri-Textil Job OY.   Approx.18.000 pieces of varying design sleeves and cassettes from PristyneTM membrane coated fabrics have been produced annually to the Scandinavian and Baltic Markets.

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